Saturday, September 02, 2006

Last chance, Microsoft (anticipatory thoughts on Vista)...

With the Vista RC1 bits flowing through the tubes to my pc as I write this, I'm wondering how much effort I'll put into getting everything working on it... when I could probably get most stuff working on Linux with the same effort (and feel a little bit better about it).

After a string of pretty woeful beta releases, I am hoping build 5600 is all Vista is cracked up to be, otherwise I'm switching to Ubuntu (and will run any non linux stuff I need in an XP VM).

So I'll build up a Ubuntu 6.06 box and stick on VMware Workstation with an XP VM, and then build up a Vista box (thankyou to whoever invented removable HDD racks!) and see which one gets more usage over the coming months until Vista goes RTM (by which time a newer version of Ubuntu should be out, will will probably have XEN built in!)

Watch this space...

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