Sunday, March 19, 2006

Unlimited Linux iSCSI Target in 5 minutes

After finding there were no suitable Windows iSCSI products around for me to play with at home, I ended up using a Linux one and had it running in VMWare quicker than you can say ''. Here's how:

1. Download the free RHEL4 Virtual Machine from here.

2. Add another virtual SCSI disk to the prebuilt VM.

3. Follow these installation instructions to download and install iSCSI Enterprise Target.

4. Use the following as your ietd.conf file

# Users, who can access this target
# (no users means anyone can access the target)
#Lun definition
Lun 0 Path=/dev/sdb
# Alias name for this target

5. Restart the iscsi service with service iscsi-target restart

6. Configure your iSCSI initiator now - if you need a hand have a look at this

And that's it. I wasted more time looking for a trial version of a Windows based product that had a reasonable asking price for the full version, and actually felt like I learned a little something in the process.

Now all I have to do is download Fedora Core 4 and do the same on a physical box.